Meet Her: Rossa Wayodi, Owner and Founder of Roaki Properties

Kenya is in a season of hope. For the first time in a long time, Kenya has actually defeated all odds and has conducted a peaceful election.  We are right now a couple of days after the presidential election results were announced and the peace around is evident. The Kenyan people are walking freely without any fear or doubt that Kenya might burn.  And that right there is a reason to smile a little more and celebrate the Kenyan people.

That is why today we bring you a story of hope through the eyes of Rossa Wayodi a female entrepreneur who is making her mark in the real estate space.

As we started off the interview she asked me a very interesting question. She asked, “have you been Roaki’d??” I grinned as I had no idea what she was talking about. But she, later on, explained it to me and ooh my i can’t wait to be Roaki’d. I hope you will too. Read on and find out all about this phenomenal woman and more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your name and interests

My name is Rosa Wayodi, a detail-oriented woman and a deep thinker. I love to cook, travel, and work out. You will actually be shocked at how well I can throw a punch and how fast I can run. I am an outdoor enthusiast, which explains my love for property and nature. And most importantly I am a mother to a very energetic young boy.

What is your educational background?

My educational background originates from one of the best Universities in Kenya, the Nairobi University. I pursued a degree in Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying. And we were surprisingly only 4 females taking the course at the time.

Why did you choose to venture into real estate yet it is a field hugely dominated by men?

Well, I can’t say that the Kenyan real estate industry is now hugely dominated by men. With the girl child’s empowerment, our field has achieved gender equality. And I am particularly pleased by this, as we are collectively changing the narrative. I ventured into the real estate space because I am professionally equipped with the skills and I also saw an opportunity that needed to be seized.

Rossa at a piece of Property they are selling in Kitengela

How was Roaki Properties birthed? And why that specific name?

Roaki Properties was born out of the need to provide solutions to the needs of the people I meet in my line of duty. In my line of work, I used to get people asking me if I can help them sell their property. I would also constantly be involved in doing due diligence for those that wanted to put down a deposit for a property. We sat down with my colleague and saw an opportunity and set out a strategy of bringing our land surveying skills into the real estate industry. Having land surveyors in real estate helps in mitigating the fraud that is prevalent in this industry. As for the name, it was my dad who helped come up with it, it’s simply my and my partners’ names combined.

You have a new innovation that has never been heard before tell us about that.

Yes, I believe this is one of the best innovations the world has been waiting for. Together with my partner, we came up with a service that works to digitally connect genuine land owners who wish to sell their property to serious buyers. Before this innovation was born we had a series of meetings putting into consideration the essential things that are needed at a point of selling and buying. We relayed this to a technical team who did a wonderful job of coming up with a digital platform where sellers and buyers can connect.

Basically, we offer a platform for sellers to display their property, and not just any property but verified property. As land surveyors, we first check out if the property is legit. We do a search, buy maps and visit the ground. When we are satisfied, we then upload it on our website and other social media platforms. We have a payment filter that gives an interested buyer direct contact with the seller, in that they get the seller’s name and phone number.

Why should people use this innovation?

This innovation will help you a property buyer get direct access to the contact of the real property owner who is selling the land. This cuts out the middle man preventing cons and giving you a chance to buy property at the best price possible. This service also provides you peace of mind that money can’t buy. With our service, you are sure you are not buying government property that will one day be taken away from you or be scammed or conned of your hard-earned money.

Most people in Kenya are afraid of buying land due to the many scams in the field, what would you tell such people?

It s true that the land buying process is filled with a lot of scams. And that my friend is what fuels our passion for providing a real estate industry that has been sanitized and investor confidence has been restored. It is important to note that if everyone who wants to buy property actually takes their time and carries out their due diligence properly being scammed will be a thing of the past. If you are afraid of buying a property please embrace our technology and innovation, as we are here to ensure that you do not get scammed.

How liquid is a real estate investment?

Right now, it is not as liquid as before due to the effects of Covid. Things are however improving gradually, and I can see interactions in our field that are pointing to a good future. What I will say also is that as the old adage goes, you can never go wrong if you invest in genuine property. The value doesn’t decrease ever, it’s always on an upwards trajectory

What should people do to ensure they do not get scammed when buying property?

Due diligence, due diligence, due diligence

Why should people invest through Roaki Properties?

People should invest through us because their investment is assured. This is because all the properties on our platform are clean and verified, and at the point of sale, we always check it again

What makes Roaki properties different?

We are different because we take our time. We are not interested in listing hundreds of properties. On the contrary, we believe in quality over quantity, that is why we have set proper guidelines that ensure properties listed on our site are verified and clean.

How can people list on your site?

People can be able to list with us by calling us and providing us with a copy of the title. After due diligence has been carried out a small fee will be charged to the land owner and the property will be put up on the site. By the way, some people have approached us to list for them but when we start asking for proper documentation they just disappear. We filter such people out. Therefore people should have confidence in going through the properties listed. We are currently operating in Kajiado, Machakos, Ngong, and Eldoret

How fast or slow is the buying and selling of property in Kenya?

The turnover always depends on the economic situation. When things are OK, people are not afraid to put their money into things like homes or vacant plots. The only interruption to that pattern was Covid. But I believe that we are picking up well

Is the buying and selling of land easy? What are some of the challenges you have faced in the field?

This process of buying and selling can be very easy if we are dealing with genuine property. This is because investors will look into investing in property instead of hoarding their money thinking that they can lose when they buy property. One of the challenges that we have encountered is that of people wanting to buy land without having proper documentation and they still ask you to help them. Another big challenge would be when we miss maps at the county survey office. That one is a very big challenge.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is drawn from my passion for wanting to change the world and make a positive impact. I may not be able to change the world totally but I can be able to change the lives of some individuals through the provision of clean and genuine land.

If you knew you would grow up to be the woman you are today, what would you have told your younger self?

I would have told my younger self not to panic or give in to fear. To trust the processes and that everything will be okay. I have come to see that you will never have the picture when you start out. So just start out and the route will keep changing to take you to your destiny.

Do you have any piece of property that has a special place in your heart? And if yes, why?

Aah not really. But I can tell you that some property we list is very attractive even to us

Where do you want to see Roaki Properties in the next 5 years?

Wow! I would like to see this innovation adopted in the entire Kenya and Africa. Our innovation will inspire investor confidence and there is no telling how that will positively transform our lives and our country and our continent. I want to have a future where if you are selling or buying individual property, someone asks if it has been Roaki’d. Meaning have we checked it out?😄😄

This woman right here saw an opportunity and seized it. May you always be reminded of the importance of taking up an opportunity when it is made available to you once you see what Rossa and her company have done.

If you want to buy genuine property call Roaki Properties on 0756123862//0702856014 and explore all the available options.

Roaki Properties also do have a YouTube channel where they share shamba stories on how various people got conned in the land buying process in kenya. They also give video highlight of Properties that are available on their website as well.

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