Meet Her: Priscah Otieno An Exceptional Interior Designer.

Every time I meet a female entrepreneur who is making a name for herself, I always feel like a mother whose baby has just had his/her first steps. You may wonder why, but it is simply because once one person is winning it automatically creates a path for another person to win. And this truly makes me very happy and proud.

In my line of duty, I have met some phenomenal women. These particular women have inspired me in ways I can’t explain. They not only make themselves proud but they also make their communities very proud. And today I meet yet another woman who is known to have an eye for unique interior design solutions. If she touches your space you are sure to love your space a little more each and every day.

I believe most people have tried to transform their homes into Instagram photos that they fell in love with. And in our minds, we always feel like it is going to be easy. But as soon as you start the transformation process you realize that it is not as easy. It actually needs some level of skill and commitment. Most people in this journey always end up giving up but some pull through and get it done.

Good thing for those of us who numerously fail at getting the reality vs expectation right, i have brought you your hero. Priscah Otieno is the one you need to get your space buzzing and looking the part without breaking your bank. She has an eye for unique interior designs that make people fall in love with their living spaces.

Last week I had an opportunity to meet Priscah Otieno, who is killing it in the entrepreneurship space. And oh my was I inspired. She literally made unemployment work for her. Priscah is not only talented in creating spaces but she also has an eye for unique home pieces. Here is how our sit down interview went,

Who is Priscah Otieno?

Priscah is a free-spirited woman, who loves to enjoy life. I enjoy working hard toward creating a life that I will be proud of. I would also like to describe myself as a person who loves people and I always find ways to make people smile. Be it through my work or through random acts of kindness.

What is it like owning an interior design business?

It is amazing, there are so many perks of having to own your own business. I really do love transforming spaces from a blank canvas into a spectacular space that is beautiful to the eyes and heart. Apart from that, it pays really well. And who doesn’t like to make money anyway?

How did you start? And why did you name it Pri interiors?

It really started in the simplest of ways; I actually never thought I would be doing this business full time. I just went into malls at Eastleigh and took pictures of the curtains that I loved. From there I put them up on my social media. And that is how I got my first client and I have never looked back ever since. Lucky for me I really did my best with my first client and from her, I got a number of referrals.

I named it Pri interiors because I just felt like I wanted to build a brand with my name Priscah. I believe this business will live on even when I am gone.

What challenges are you facing in running an interior design business?

There are quite a number of challenges that I face on a daily but the most common are;

1. Clients not paying on time

2. Some fabrics run out of stock when you have an order

3. Going for numerous site visits and the client ends up giving another person the job

4: At times you agree with a client about a certain fabric on making the curtains and delivering they change their mind.

What is the highlight of owning your own business?

I really love that I can work from anywhere. I enjoy that I have the freedom of time and freedom to be able to do what I want when I want without worrying about what “my boss” will think.  

Why did you choose to get into entrepreneurship?

To be honest this was not the initial plan. My plan was to get out of college get a job, start earning some money then enroll for my degree and keep on climbing the career ladder. But the state of unemployment in our country had me thinking of ways to survive. I did quite a number of informal jobs before my passion took the seat and I ran with it. Interior designing is literally the best decision I have made in my life.

Which project are you most proud of?

I have been lucky to work on some great projects that have made my heart full in so many ways. Picking a favorite is honestly hard as I always do my job like it is what will sell my work to the world. But one project I did in Kakamega has a piece of my heart.  

Some of her projects

What would you tell a person who wants to venture into an interior design business like yours?

One thing I can tell anyone who is starting out is to just start and be genuine, time conscious, and always be willing to learn every single day. This may sound cliché but it does wonders when you are self-employed. Also, make sure that you never forget to pray, God has a way of making all things possible.

What should we expect from you in the next couple of years?

I believe there are great things that are coming my way in my life. Expect my work to be known and recognized all over Kenya. The pri Interiors touch is a must-have for every home.

If there is one thing that I have learned from this interview it is the ability of one person to turn lemons into lemonade. It is not every time that when you don’t get what you want, that it is a bad thing. You can se what you have to make a living. In this social media age, everything is possible, it just needs you to continuously try your best and show the world what you got.

Be a part of the Pri Interiors touch movement and see your space transform into everything you have always wanted it to be. Click here to check on her website. You can also call her on 0725040991.


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