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The world is fast pacing into the technological space; literally, everything now needs some tech skills. No matter which career you are in you will surely require some tech skills be it basic or advanced. The Tech Train Incubator foundation realized this and through the Tech-up Girls Bootcamp, women are provided with a great opportunity to develop basic digital skills that will bridge the technology gender gap and build capacity in young women to thrive.

Tech-Up Girls Initiative is a non-profit organization founded in 2021 that offers women between the ages of 16 and 26, a 6-weeks intensive and immersive boot camp. During the boot camp, they have lessons on introduction to technology, basic digital skills like how to use social media platforms effectively, create good content, basics of cyber security, and more. In the one year that it has been in operations, they have carried out 4 cohorts and are currently looking for women in English-speaking African countries to apply and be part of the movement.

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Embedded into the program are weekly coaching calls where the intellectual areas of these women are stimulated. During the coaching calls, they discuss with experts topics bothering them on Goal settings, Mind Reset, understanding how to manage and multiply money, sustainable development goals, and more.

So far, 1731 women have been trained and they are looking to train 5,000 women by the end of 2022. According to their website, most of the past participants are currently working as virtual assistants and social media managers across different fields while most others have moved further to starting their own agencies and businesses as well as taking up a career in other technology skills like cyber security, UI/UX, programming and more.

The Tech-Up Girls Bootcamp program assesses its participants by use of quizzes and projects. And the great news is that exceptional students in the program are positioned for internship opportunities.

The Tech-up girls BootCamp is a community-based social learning approach system where the young women are grouped into smaller cells of not more than 100 each assigned to a mentor with who they engage as often as possible to support their learning process. The boot camp will run from April through to May 2022 for absolutely FREE!

The program aims to help women learn, be empowered to earn, and work. You are therefore encouraged to apply because this program will work to enhance your skills and your value in the job market. Always remember the best investment you can make in life is in yourself.


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