5 Female Entrepreneurs Shaking Up Kenya 2022.

There is just something about women in business that makes me smile uncontrollably. I don’t know if it is because they are breaking the glass ceiling? Or is it because they are showing women that yes it can be done? Whatever it is, the women in business are inspiring and they need to be congratulated for showing women what a man can do a woman can too.

Over the past week, I have been experiencing writer’s block. Not knowing what to write this week, I took to social media to find inspiration for this week’s topic. And lucky for me, I was coming across women who are doing extraordinary things in business. Just like that I had an aha moment and decided to write on women entrepreneurs who are shaking up the Kenyan industry. Here is a list of 5 Kenyan female entrepreneurs who are making a name for themselves in business.

Mercy Maluli

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I believe when people hear the name Mercy Maluli their minds click Devine collections, a leading fashion brand in Kenya that primarily deals in men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Mercy Maluli is a successful female entrepreneur who started off her entrepreneurial journey while in university and has never looked back.

Mercy opened Devine collections seven years ago, and the brand has grown quite well over the years. She decided to open her own clothing store that specializes in men’s wear since she believed the competition was minimal since most stores were focusing on women.

Sarah Kabu

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Mrs  ‘Jambo jambo’, is the queen of tours and travels in Kenya and arguably east Africa at large. Together with her husband Mr. Simon Kabu, they have managed to build Bonfire adventures an award-winning tour and Travel Company.

Sarah is known for her boldness and outspoken nature, especially in matters of business and women empowerment. Sarah and Simon started Bonfire adventures back in 2007 and she is now the managing director.

Maureen Bandari

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Maureen Bandari is the queen of all things skincare. She initially started off as a fashion blogger over 10 years ago and slowly evolved into skincare content and now owns Bandari beauty and wine drop Kenya. Bandari Beauty is a leading skincare provider while wine drop Kenya provides customers with unique wine glasses and accessories.

Phoina Tosha aka Phoina Beauty

Phoina has become a household name amongst women who love to look good. She is a makeup artist, runs the Phoina makeup academy, and is also an entrepreneur in the human hair industry. She is known for creating flawless makeup looks that make people’s heads turn. She is also into selling high-quality luxury hair and has surely made a name for herself in the beauty industry.

Njeri  Rioge

Photo: courtesy

Njeri is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded internet service provider Wananchi Online that has since been transformed into Wananchi Group Holdings – one of east Africa’s leading providers of pay-tv, broadband internet, and VoIP services.

A typical serial entrepreneur, Rionge has over the years founded a number of successful companies. She currently runs Ignite Consulting, a firm that specializes in coaching, strategy facilitation, organizational effectiveness, and skills training.

I hope that you are inspired to start your own business as a woman, as women before you have tried and succeeded. Do follow these women on social media and learn a thing or two about building a successful business.

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