Meet Her: C.Nichole, Founder of Pan African Think Tank, Author, Artist, and World Traveler

It’s that time again when here at Shaboard, we let you meet an amazing and inspiring African woman, who continually proves that women can excel beyond the glass ceiling. Meet C.Nichole, a multifaceted businesswoman, whose story I believe will challenge and inspire you to aim higher and think outside the box.

Meet C.Nichole: Brief Biography

At just 29 years old, she has studied abroad twice: London, UK, and throughout Ghana. She’s a travel enthusiast and continues to travel the world, with 7 continents and 97 countries under her belt. Traveling has helped shape every aspect and venture that she partakes in. C.Nichole is the author of two published books, including the children’s book “The Reign: Africa,” which introduces children to ethnic groups in Africa in a positive light. Her time traveling throughout Kenya catapulted the start of “The Reign” children’s book series. Using her talents as a singer-songwriter and being influenced by the beauty of people of African descent on the continent and within the Diaspora all over the world, she recently released Pan African Think Tank Vol. 1 to uplift people of African descent with positive music that also incorporates their history. The first single is the upbeat Tribal Trill genred song, “GHETTO,” which lyrics touch upon things people deem as ‘ghetto’ in regard to African culture but never was. Indeed, she is a Pan Africanist looking to educate the masses which is an integral part of the non-profit she founded, Pan African Think Tank.

Pan African Think Tank

Pan African Think Tank is an international non-profit whose mission is to bridge the gap between Africa and the African Diaspora through Pan African forums that assist with research as a means to collectively advocate. A “think tank” is defined as an institute, corporation, or group organized to study a particular subject and provide information, ideas, and advice; their focus is Pan Africa. Leading on-the-ground research since January 2020, Pan African Think Tank has held forums in Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Brazil, and Haiti. They are currently gearing up for their 2021 forums in April and May in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Benin, and Namibia. The end goal is to assess, evaluate, and solidify the top 10 issues afflicting the Pan African community. Many times C.Nichole has seen organizations go into communities with their own biases, not really understanding what the community actually needs; wasting resources. Knowing that change doesn’t happen overnight, or within a year, Pan African Think Tank is working towards magnifying education and entrepreneurship with plans of Pan African Think Tank youth centers throughout main hubs within Pan Africa.

The Challenge

C.Nichole cites cultural difference as the main challenge in running Pan African Think Tank as a woman. In Western world countries, women Founders, CEOs, bosses, etc., aren’t unknown or shocking because it’s normal. Being an unmarried, childless woman has raised many questions, concerns, and hesitations for working with her. She has often heard that a woman isn’t a true woman until she has a family of her own. C.Nichole isn’t concerned or deterred because she knows what she wants, knows her mission, and knows that what she is doing is something only true women would have the courage, patience, and drive to do. With a thought process of birthing businesses, Pan African Think Tank is one of her babies.

Way Forward

Towards the end of 2021, Pan African Think Tank will start focusing on having forums in North and South America, connecting with the Diaspora within Pan Africa. They are also working on their next phase of fundraising. All donations are accepted regardless of the amount. To help further the cause, you can donate at Pan African Think Tank also has its own apparel line, with 100% of the proceeds going to the organization at

Non-profits and NGOs should have no gender roles attached to them anywhere in the world, regardless of one’s culture. C.Nichole hopes to see more women in founder/president roles within these charitable organizations, especially on the African continent. She has a motto that she stands by and hopes that other women will stand by as well, “Know your worth. Respect yourself. Keep the faith. Sustain your peace.” C.Nichole knows that anything worth having won’t be easy, so make sure you can stand on your strength during times of adversity and be prepared to break barriers so other women can come behind you with less resistance from certain societies.

Learn, Shop and Donate to Pan African Think Tank, and connect @PanAfricanTT on social media.

Learn and read about all of C.Nichole’s books via Pan African Publishing House and @PanAfricanPH on social media.

Get connected with C.Nichole directly via or @MsCNichole on social media.


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