Unsung Soldiers Leading The Fight Against Corona Virus in Kenya.

There are so many negative effects we can highlight about the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, we have written a bunch of the tremendous effects here on our blog. From its effects on education to its effects on women and children to everything in between. But today we want to highlight some of the positives in terms of philanthropy that have emanated as a result of the pandemic.

If there be any measure of a man than by what he does it must be by what he gives. -Robert South

By the quote above, you already know what am talking about. As the number of COVID-19 cases continued to rise over the past few months, now exceeding 105,000 by 8th Feb 2021, – entrepreneurs, businesses, and millionaire philanthropists pledged their support against the virus. Over the months, these corporates and individuals have selflessly delivered on their pledges and have even exceeded expectations.

Some are sending medical help, others are donating cash while others are filling gaps that might have otherwise remained unfilled. Here is a roundup of some of the individuals and corporates/organizations who are undertaking activities and initiatives that are helping combat the coronavirus.


When the pandemic hit, many students were locked out of school leaving online learning as the only means to gain access to education. Airtel saw the need to provide pupils/students with free Internet access to a learning website, the Longhorn e-learning platform. This initiative ensured students from all walks of life especially the underprivileged remained positively engaged in the learning process. Over 5,000 students benefited from this project. Once schools re-opened, the initiative was suspended.

Source: Longhorn Publishers

Wevyn Muganda and Suhayl Omar

After the first COVID-19 case was reported in Kenya, Wevyn Muganda started online digital advocacy to ensure Kenyans have access to all the necessary information concerning the virus. And on realizing some Kenyans lacked aid and were not properly assisted by the government, she, together with Suhayl Omar founded- Mutual Aid Kenya- a community-focused disaster relief organization and social movement. They now work together on providing essential commodities to vulnerable families in Kenya. This project has helped thousands of Kenyans living in slums to have access to basic commodities. A resident from Kibera was very grateful to the two for ensuring that her 6 children never slept hungry despite her not having any source of income.


Safaricom has really played a huge role in providing relief to millions of Kenyans. They not only subsized mpesa transaction costs but have also provided food and other basic resources to many people across the country and an avenue for business people to gain access to internet resources.

Chris Kirubi

As a part of resource mobilization towards containing the spread and the impact of the virus, he is standing with vulnerable families. He kick started the project by providing food and water in Githongori and Kilifi and is expanding to other areas.

Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)

SHOFCO has set up hand washing stations with clean water tanks, going door-to-door promoting awareness, engaging community and religious leaders, operating a health clinic and working with the Ministry of Health to conduct screening tests. This intiative has really worked on providing the needed medical support in major slums in Kenya. Mr Odede the founder of the foundation also mentioned that it is important for the government to realize that the best preventative measure in Kibera and similar communities is engagement and provisions, not “police and guns.”

Source: SHOFCO
Source: SHOFCO

Mike Mbuvi Sonko

The flamboyant former governor of Nairobi county is one man who has put his feet forward in helping the common mwananchi. Whenever a disaster strikes, he is always at the forefront putting things in place to help the less fortunate. And when COVID-19 struck, he was not left behind. Mike sonko has been seen contributing money, food, and other basic commodities to Nairobi residents since day 1 of the pandemic. Even though he is sometimes controversial, he is a man of the people. His aid has helped a lot of families in marginalized communities to get something to eat and to look forward to the coming days.

Source: Mike Sonko Twitter

United Nation Development Programme (UNDP)

The UNDP has helped Kenya in the fight against COVID-19 by donating three pilot smart “anti-epidemic” robots. The robots, which were made by Chinese robotics company UBtech, were named Jasiri, Shujaa and, Tumaini as a nod to the zealous characters epitomized by healthcare workers who have been on the frontline in the fight against the disease since last year. The three robots can scan between 10-100 people within a minute from a distance of up to 3.5 meters making it possible to reduce physical contact between health workers and patients.

Source: Business Daily

Esther Akoth alias Akothee

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit Kenya, Akothee has managed to exhibit an effective leadership approach in managing the crisis. Using her foundation, Akothee Foundation, she is providing essential food products to the less fortunate in society. One post that evoked a lot of emotion online, was that of her waking up to several women standing outside her home requesting food. In her motherly nature, she made sure every woman present left her house with something to feed on. Akothee is also doing the most in sensitizing Kenyans about coronavirus using her social media platforms.

Akothee donating items

Government of Kenya

We are always quick to throw judgments and harsh criticisms at the Kenyan government whenever they do something wrong and unethical. But whenever they put on a good show, Kenyans rarely notice drawing a line to what is seen and unseen. Today, I want to highlight some of the great efforts the government has made to cushion Kenyans from the diverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic. First, I have to mention the tax cuts in almost every sector of the economy for 9 months. That helped Kenyans to at least have a few extra coins in their pockets. Secondly, the county governments will be allocated an extra Ksh 53.5 billion to facilitate post-COVID-19 pandemic economic recovery and ensure sustained service delivery in county governments. I hope this money will be put to good use for the benefit of all county citizens instead of ending up in people’s pockets. Thirdly, the government distributed Ksh2,000 to over one million Kenyans to help in the fight against the pandemic. Well, I didn’t get any, but I hope the deserving Kenyans got the money. They also provided sanitizers, face masks, and thermometers to Kenyans across the country, though this would have been done in a better way to ensure Kenyans especially from marginalized areas accessed these essential commodities.

All in all, a lot has been done, but a lot still needs to be done as there are still so many Kenyans who are suffering as a result of the pandemic.

At Shaboard, we applaud all those who lent a hand in one way or the other. May abundant blessings be your portion.


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