Apply Now And Be Part of The 3rd Cohort of African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) 2019.

Are you an African woman looking to expand you skills in leadership, business and management? The African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) is looking for 200 entrepreneurs to get involved in a unique, high-touch leadership and business management capacity building program.

The African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) is a one of a kind learning program that has been referred to as “a jewel of a program” by a global business school expert. It focuses on getting more women to acquire state of the art skills through applied learning and collaborative experiences.

AWEC was created by the Center for Global Enterprise and is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Inglesea Charitable Trust, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, The Economic Club of Washington, Toyota, and others.

AWEC is a donor funded program that relies on the support of foundations and individuals who believe in positively impacting the lives of women in the African continent. So far, 400 women around the continent have gain tremendous skills through the program and are now souring higher in their businesses and communities.

AWEC is a 12 month learning program that runs from April to March every Year. Only 200 women are selected and are provided with; online and in person learning opportunities led by established business practitioners and academics, individual and team-based work, opportunities to give and receive peer feedback and, individualized business mentoring.

The lessons and assignments provided during this program are very practical and applicable both to well-established business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Women who meet the criteria below are encouraged to apply.

  • Women who were born in and do business in any African country; members of the diaspora are welcome to apply, but their business or NGO must have an impact on the African continent
  • Established entrepreneurs who demonstrate business clarity OR aspiring entrepreneurs with clear business concepts that they are committed to developing and implementing over the course of our 12-month program
  • Those interested in advancing their business and management skills, as well as growing their companies and their leadership capabilities
  • Self-starters who demonstrate passion, resilience, leadership, collaboration, and empathy
  • Proficiency in English, which is the official language the program
  • AWEC is open to women entrepreneurs working in any industry

Women who apply for this program should be ready to spend an average of 4 to 6 hours per week participating in AWEC activities (primarily online), for one year.  They require all their cohort members to show commitment, hard work and active management. Only individuals who portray these qualities will be sure of getting maximum value out of this year long experience.

Upon successful completion of the 12-month program, participants will:

  • Form connections with a diverse network of African women entrepreneurs
  • Establish a relationship with at least one senior business mentor
  • Strengthen strategy, leadership and business management skills
  • Apply their AWEC learning to their business with an eye toward sustainable growth
  • Gain skills needed to grow and scale their enterprise
  • Develop a toolkit of soft skills, including self-confidence, resilience, collaboration, and cross-cultural communications

Applications should be sent in before 17th December 2019. Click here to apply.

The skills that are to be acquired in this program will ensure an immediate business impact and the creation of a pan-African network of entrepreneurs, experts and allies.


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