International Day Of The Girl: Meet Eunice Allela, Working Towards Empowering Women And Girls In Technology

Today marks the international Day Of The Girl, celebrated world wide to increase awareness of gender inequality faced by girls. The theme for this year is “A Skilled GirlForce”  where we need to prepare today’s generation of girls into a successful transition into the world of work that is being transformed by innovation and automation.

The technology sector is one of the fastest growing industries globally, but experiencing skills gap. The sector holds enormous opportunities for women with the requisite skills. But stereotypes and discrimination continue to deprive girls of the chance to excel in this field. Progress is being made in this sector with more women now pursuing technology related careers but statistics still indicate that a lot needs to be done to bridge the gender digital divide.

And today, I want to highlight one of the women in the technology sector who is working towards reducing mortality rate caused by poor sanitation and getting more women and girls into technology.

Meet Eunice Allela, a woman in technology who is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science . She is a beneficiary of Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Kenya where she came up with a social innovation idea that’s aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals; a solution to the increased mortality rate caused by poor sanitation.

Here’s a short interview to understand  Eunice Allela’s mission for  empowering girls and women and her community at large;

What Is Your Social Enterprise About?

It seeks to solve issues of poor sanitation in informal settings and also empowerment of women and girls in Technology through active participation in STEM.

Any accomplishment so far?

Yes. Winning Innovate Counties Challenge -Kisumu County .

Have you experienced any challenges as a woman in Technology?

Computer Science has often at times been assumed to be a male dominated field and often at times an assumption is made that there is a man behind the scene helping you achieve set goals. This proves to be a challenge because at times I have to keep on justifying myself.

What’s Next For Your Social Enterprise ?

The plan is to start conducting trainings for girls and women on how they can use emerging technologies in problem solving. The first thing that I plan to do is to conduct digital literacy skills trainings in marginalized areas with the aim of increasing visibility of women in technology.

Any advise for girls or women who would want to pursue Technology?

Believe in yourself because the most thing is what you perceive of yourself and not what others do of you. If you are a woman out there passionate about technology then go for it. Obstacles might be there but is that not the point of trying .

How can well-wishers/partners contact you?


Educate Her so that she doesn’t miss opportunities.

Happy International Day Of The Girl 2018 . #DayOfTheGirl


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