Meet Doris Sabina Wako, the Busia County AP Officer Giving Invaluable Parental Love to Street Children

More often than not when we meet with street kids along our way, we become so cautious and try to stay as far away from them as possible. We associate them with all the wrong things. So are our police officers who make headlines now and then for all the wrong reasons. However, not everyone despises street children and not all police officers are bad. One such person is Doris who’s changing that narrative in Busia County.

Meet Doris Sabina Wako, a 36-year-old Administration Police officer who is stationed in Busia county. This mother of five melted hearts online when images of her work surfaced online feeding street children. This came as a surprise to most Kenyans who are used to seeing mainstream media portraying police officers differently.

When asked why she undertook this initiative of feeding regularly these 63 street children, in her own words, she replied that the idea of being close to the street children came to her after she noticed that they lacked parental love and though she could be that motherly figure in their lives. “I have time and share whatever little I get from my salary and also assured them that though life has challenges, they remain equal to other kids in the eyes of God.” Doris Wako added.

Through that, she has developed good relations with them and she has thought how best she could get them out of their current environment but resources remain a big challenge. Some of challenges they face include: lack of parental love, care, guidance and lack of basic needs, failure to get formal education which can make them be better people in the society. The society considers them criminals while the truth is that they are not.

A facebook user who goes by the name Fredrick Munuku said: “When I asked one day these vulnerable children who Doris Wako was, they all shouted “our mother”. I was very much humbled that even though she was in uniform, the street children still called her their mother. These are the people we need to celebrate as our shujaa. We are not ashamed to get behind what Doris is doing, God bless and keep this lioness, we are standing up to support what you are doing.”

Doris Wako also mentioned “My dream is to get enough donors to help me build a proper home and school for these kids.” Her website, which has been built by well-wishers is Why not help her make this dream come true? You can check the donation details under


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