Meet Her: Grace Jayo, Inspiring Youth To Utilize Their Talents For Sustainable Development

The tech-preneur industry has for a very long time been dominated by men as women continue to be under-represented yet this industry is one of the major future economic drivers. Many people think of tech-preneurs as these weird looking guys in jeans and t-shirts because that’s the notion that has been passed down for a long period of time.

The truth is that, there are several young women tech-preneurs coming up here in Kenya and I was more than honored to speak to one of them. Meet Grace Jayo, a tech-preneur in Nairobi who uses her company AblePursuit to nurture talents and create ‘business to customer’ experiences for MSMEs in Africa on Custolive, social media, blogs and events.

Here’s the interview;

Tell us a little about your background and how you came to start AblePursuit

I was born in Nairobi but raised in Kirinyaga county. From childhood, I developed interest in communication as a career and hoped that I would play a role in this sector. At 22, I wrote the concept #AblePursuit, as a school assignment. The mission of #AblePursuit is to inspire youth to appreciate and utilize their natural talents in the role of sustainable development. Eventually, we set up as a social enterprise targeting Africa.

What Does Your Business Do?

AblePursuit builds communities, develops content and engages people in sustainable development initiatives. The core mandate is communication and talent through “personality to public’ experiences. We believe that the future of industry lies in the talents of people and technology as a tool for effective interpersonal & Business to Consumer relations. We collaborate with Everizone, and together we have set up a global ecosystem that turns passive to active. Transforming every individual, from childhood, to discover his/her true nature (talents/competencies) and be their best while engaging in sustainable development initiatives.

What would you consider as your most significant accomplishment so far?

One of the most significant achievements has been the opportunity to engage a range of stakeholders, including youth organizations, county government, Ministry of Education, UNESCO, and the private sector. We also contribute to the Global Business Coalition for Education and TheirWorld. GBC-Education brings together the business community to prepare today’s young people for workforce of tomorrow; through Early Childhood Development, and, Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative. Together as a Youth Council and the Commissioners we aim to identity new models to rapidly enhance the skills and innovation readiness of young people.

Have you experienced any challenges running this business?

Challenges experienced have been balancing the right skills in the organization, especially for finance and administration, which are two important aspects for the growth of a business and gaining external investment. At the same time, we have had to develop new products from scratch, this process has taken much time as we need to follow the steps of iteration: prototyping, testing, analyzing and refining.

What do you think is the major factor contributing to the low representation of women in Technology and Entrepreneurship?

The major factor contributing to the low representation of women in technology is the norms set in this sector which combines science, art and mathematics. Very few girls succeed in such technical subjects while in high schools. The majority eventually become demotivated or lack the right guidance as to how to take up this career path in future.

What’s Next for AblePursuit?

We look forward to reaching all the 47 counties in Kenya with about 25 million youth, as well as, engage children and young adults in four other countries within Africa.

Any advice for women who would want to pursue this kind of venture

I encourage more women to tap into and innovate around technology as a tool for sustainable development. The beauty about this is the opportunity to impact different sectors. It does not limit. Women, both young and young at heart can choose technical careers because they steer rapid economic growth of a region. The gaps need to be filled.

How can potential customers reach you?

Please reach us via +254734530231, by call, WhatsApp or SMS.

Also connect with us on Twitter and Instagram @kosi_grace and @everizone


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