Inspiring The Next Generation Of African ChangeMakers

The youth are most of the time portrayed to be inexperienced, reckless and irresponsible. At the same time, they have this inner potential that if well exploited and nurtured could propel them to be great and powerful changemakers. The youth, especially young women and girls are more underrepresented in various spheres like Education, Leadership and Technology. Empowering women and girls raises the quality of life for everyone. This is because when women are in charge, they focus on solving issues that affect children and the community at large like health and education.

This is why Shaboard in partnership with African ChangeMakers Mentorship Program carried out a mentorship forum at the Royal Community Secondary School on 19th July 2018. With the theme Supercharge Your Ability, the mentorship forum’s aim was to inspire girls and boys to take education seriously and work on their talents because their future depends on it. This event was part of celebrating World Youth Skills Day and Nelson Mandela International Day.

The African ChangeMakers Mentorship program believes in investing in youth, young women and girls to help them unlock their potential and take charge of their future.

The Royal community school is a school located on the outskirts of Nairobi in Chokaa estate. With a population of about 56 students and 5 teachers, the school basically supports the less fortunate students in the community.

The forum was kicked off by Miss Patricia Onduu whose main focus was on Academic mentoring. She introduced to the students a study technique known as an Alibi study technique ( AST).  This study technique emphasizes on group work and achieving set targets both individually and as a group. It encourages peer teaching and teamwork.

Thereafter the students were divided into two groups, the girls different from the boys. The boys were mentored separately by Mr. Kennedy Kachwanya and Mr. Suleiman Ngige while the girls were mentored by Miss Sharon, Patricia, Vallary and Beverlyne.

The mentorship sessions revolved around the following topics;

  • Peer pressure 
  • Sex Education 
  • Menstrual Hygiene 
  • Discipline and Respect 
  • Assertiveness
  • Career choices 
  • Life goals 
  • Women In Technology

Shaboard finally took the noble chance to distribute sanitary towels to each of the girls since one of the issues raised by most of them was lack of sanitary towels which was causing a lot of absenteeism from class.

African Changemakers Mentorship (#ACMentorship) is making a difference in the lives of emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls by sharpening their mindset, developing their local and global views, human empathy, leadership, civic engagement and entrepreneurial skills for both personal and career development.

Click HERE to find out more about the great work African ChangeMakers Organization is doing.


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