Belly Buds : Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and when most women get pregnant, they flip with joy because they have been presented with the undeniable opportunity to bring another human being into existence. The more the baby continues to develop, the more the attachment with the mother grows. It is every parent’s wish and desire to ensure that their babies grow healthy, happy and full of life. I had in another article talked about gadgets that can be used by pregnant women to help them in the whole journey of pregnancy. Well, this article is going to look in depth on one of them. With this in mind, a dad to be came up with a device called a belly bud so as to ensure his wife could be comfortable bonding with their unborn child while playing music to it.

At first when I thought of the pregnancy belly bud, a lot questions popped up in my mind. What is it? At what stage of pregnancy should it be used? How often should it be used? Why should the belly bud be used anyway? Does it have any effects to the mother or baby? How affordable is it? And where can the device be found?

Well this article will attempt to give you some of the answers that you need and will help you think about the whole choice of either buying it for yourself if you’re pregnant or for your wife or not at all. A belly bud is a specialized speaker system that is gently placed on the belly and allows you to safely play memory shaping sounds directly to the womb. During pregnancy, a baby’s hearing is fully developed when the baby is about 20 weeks and memory is developed by the 30th week. Therefore, once you have reached 30 weeks of pregnancy, you can be able to use the device since the baby is able to retain memory.

The major purpose of the belly bud is to allow both the father and mother some bonding time with their unborn baby by relaying their voices to the baby in the womb. Studies have shown that babies can be able to remember sounds and melodies it learned while in the womb. You can use the belly buds to play sweet soothing songs to the baby that will help the baby feel relaxed. Through playing of music while pregnant, you are enabling the baby to familiarize itself before officially entering into the world.

The belly buds can also be used by military mums whose partners are away in wars so that the baby can bond with the dad using voice messages. And by the way, It can also be used to capture the right ultrasound pictures of the unborn child. One usage that is really becoming common is in the case of surrogate parents so that the baby can familiarize with the parents using their voices. Bottom-line is that it provides a conducive environment for the baby to listen to music when the mother doesn’t want to play the music out loud without disturbing the peace of other people even if it is at night. It also allows the mother to move around easily since the device is portable.

The belly buds are supposed to be used within a duration of an hour but not more that. This is because while in the womb the baby is usually asleep during most part of the day. During the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, the baby is usually awake between 2-4 hours and that is the optimum level that the baby should be talked to or sung to. It is advised that the mother should ensure the fetus is not asleep before playing the music so that it doesn’t disrupt its sleeping pattern. But to be on the safe side, every pregnant woman should consult with their physician before undertaking any parental undertaking.

Belly buds have no side effects to both the mother and the baby. Even if the mother plays maximum volume music, it won’t affect the baby because it will reach the baby at a volume lower than its mother’s heartbeat. The belly bud also has a medical skin safe hydro-gel that is both disposable and replaceable. This ensures that the mother’s skin is protected.

I am not conversant with any independent outlets selling belly buds currently in Kenya but they can be bought online and shipped to Kenya through the Amazon site. One belly bud goes for about $38.8 that is equivalent to almost ksh 4000. However, if you know of any places in Kenya where they are sold, kindly indicate in the comments to help those looking for them.


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