Pregnant Women, Disabled And Elderly To Get Medical Cover From National Government

The national government will put pregnant women, people living with disability and the elderly on a health insurance scheme in four months, the Health ministry said.

Health PS Nicholas Muraguri said they are working on modalities to ensure a million pregnant women and 20,000 disabled and elderly persons are on health cover by June.

“We are working to see our pregnant women deliver in dignity, as well as cushion the old and disabled from out-of-pocket spending on health. This will make our elderly age gracefully and the disabled lead a comfortable healthy life,” he said

Muraguri was speaking at the launch of TAI Medical Centre in Nairobi.
He said in the scheme, pregnant women will be given an 18-month cover to cater for antenatal and postnatal care in hospitals of their choice.

The PS said finer details on the cost of the programme are still being worked on.It will be administered by the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

Muraguri said to reduce cost of healthcare, the ministry is connecting public health facilities with the latest medical systems and technologies to help reduce inefficiencies blamed for pushing up cost of medicare.

He said apart from supplying imaging and surgery equipment to 98 hospitals countrywide, for the firsts time hospitals in all the 47 counties will be given mammography machines by June.
The machines will help in early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women thus helping in dealing with breast cancer, he said.

Meanwhile, the launch of TAI Medical Centre will introduce telemedicine, in which patients in any part of the country will access consultants and specialists in Nairobi, Greece and Israel in real time.


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