Benefits of the Minet Teachers’ Medical Insurance Scheme

Minet teachers’ medical scheme

In our Last Article about the Minet Teachers’ Medical Insurance scheme, we talked about what the scheme was about and how teachers could register to access the services. Queries raised then are being looked into by the Minet team and will address them as soon as possible to the concerned parties.

Let’s dive into the benefits of this scheme and the access to specialized services by either the teacher or their dependent/s.

Referral and Specialist services

The Minet teacher medical cover provides referral and specialist services for its primary members in instances where one may require additional medical assistance. Sometimes there are situations where a teacher or one of their dependents may seek services such as X-ray, MRI chemotherapy, gynae care, oncology etc.

In such a case, a primary healthcare service provider can issue a referral letter to a member allowing them to seek the inaccessible service at a referral service provider, provided they are within Minet’s panel. This is a great improvement by Minet as getting fast and efficient access to referral medical care is a nightmare in a majority of medical insurance covers.


The Minet teachers’ medical insurance scheme provides a myriad of benefits to its users. As part of their medical cover, members and /or dependents are liable to receive various inpatient benefits from hospitals within Minet’s panel. The members of the cover are known to even get better benefits than those offered to individuals or even corporate clients.

From radiology, surgeon/doctors fee, ICU fees, emergency road and air rescue within East Africa, Hospital accommodations, rehabilitation services, chronic disease management, etc. The cover ensures that all their members are well catered for to give them the peace of mind and the time to mold our young generations without taking much of their time to worry about their loved ones because they know they are well cared for.

As mentioned in our previous article, the medical cover also caters for evacuation services. In case an emergency occurs, the Minet team is always on call via their Call center Hotline numbers.

  • Call center Hotline : 1528 (both call and SMS)
  • General Lines : 0719044799,0719044999,0730604000

The scheme members are covered in Emergency Air ambulance and Evacuation services within East Africa, Emergency Road ambulance and Evacuation services within East Africa, as well as overseas evacuation/treatment abroad like in India –where treatments are not available locally and not within their policy limits. Minet provides medical cover even beyond our geographical boundaries, isn’t that wonderful!

Another notable benefit that the Minet medical insurance scheme offers to its members is the last expense benefit and the group life benefits. The last benefit is typically a benefit payable to the next of Kin upon the demise of the primary member to aid in funeral management. It is payable within 48 hours and via mobile money platforms provided that all the information required has been availed to Minet. The benefit ranges at KSh 100,000 and ranges across all job groups.

The group benefit on the other hand is payable to the family of the deceased to help them in re-organizing their lives after the demise of the primary member. The benefit graduates progressively across job groups and is only applicable upon the death of the primary member.

Secure your tomorrow by getting a comprehensive healthcare plan with an engaged and supportive insurance partner. Visit for more information about this incredible scheme and in case of any questions regarding this scheme, kindly get in touch with the Minet team on the numbers provided above.


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