Are you on the TSC Payroll? Here is why you Need the Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme

Minet teachers’ medical scheme

Providing teachers with health insurance benefits is becoming an industry standard in many areas. While previously not much emphasis was put on it, teachers’ health insurance is now a feature of many employment contracts for educational institutions looking to attract value and reward their top talent. It is under this premise with that the Minet teachers’ medical scheme was created.

As a teacher, finding the right medical plan for both you and your institution in this day and age doesn’t have to be daunting as it was in the past. You only need to partner with industry experts who understand the needs of the teaching sector and its workers. In Kenya, Minet’s medical scheme still remains unrivaled.

The administrators of Minet’s medical scheme have been working tirelessly to come up with a sustainable teacher’s medical cover. They have been able to  amend and remove the different coverage aspects by working closely with teachers and the Teachers service commission. This is to ensure that they keep the promise of providing its members and their dependents, with the best coverage they need at all times.

Essentially, Minet’s medical cover provides medical coverage options for teachers as the same as standard health insurance plans but with better benefits, coverage and limits, specifically customized for the Kenyan teacher. As per the latest hand book guide from Minet, here are some of the areas we thought should highlight to help teachers better understand the services provided by this cover.

Eligibility Criteria

All teachers under the Teachers service commission (TSC) payroll, and actively involved in  the service of molding young minds are automatically eligible  to be covered under the Minet Teachers  medical scheme as principal members. The medical coverage also extends to a teachers dependents ,including : One legal spouse and four unmarried biological or legally adopted children provided that they are aged not less than 38 weeks or more than 18 years of age.

The conditions can be extended up to 25 years of age for children over 18, provided that they are not enrolled in any post-secondary institutions. The teachers’ medical scheme however has no age limit for children with disabilities. This is very commendable of the Minet medical coverage because, clearly they need more medical attention than any other kind of dependent.

It is important for principal members to note that, once registered they cannot change their dependents until the end of a policy unless under special circumstances such as death or divorce. They should also know that registering of relatives is considered a breach of contract, warranting immediate deregistration of the teachers and their dependents.

Registration *

The Minet teachers’ medical scheme registration process is quite easy. It can be done in two straight forward steps, through a USSD platform and a biometric registration. By dialing *865# from a Safaricom or Airtel line ,a principal member can Key in the detail requirements such as The ID,TSC numbers to be verified against the Minet database.


If cleared, they can then Key in the name, role and gender after which they can receive a successful registration message and a prompt to register the dependents. Registration of the dependents follows the same process of dialing *865#. The Minet team encourages its members to use their own phones for the registration process as it’s the same phone number linked to their cover.

For those hoping to use the biometric registration process should know that it’s carried out under the service providers’ premise. It can be done in a few easy steps.

  • One has to visit any of their service providers (you can dial *340#,to see the list)
  • Identify yourself or your dependent using your TSC number.
  • An SMS containing a One-Time-Pin (OTP) is then generated and sent to your phone.
  • Present the OTP to a hospital attendant to start the fingerprint registration.
  • Your fingerprint is then registered on the biometric machine device and the impressions recorded against the membership progress. After this you get fully registered and ready to utilize the services.

Access to services*

Following a successful registration to the teachers medical scheme, members can access medical services by simply dialing *340# on Safaricom and Airtel lines. One does not even need a smart phone to select the kind of services required i.e.  outpatient ,inpatient, dental or optical. Other details you may be prompted to input are the county, sub-county which helps Minet best recommend the hospital to recommend to a member.

We will highlight how this cover provides referral and specialist services to its primary members and other benefits for members and/or their dependents in our subsequent articles.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that in case an emergency occurs, the Minet team is always on call via their Call center Hotline numbers;

  • Call center Hotline : 1528 (both call and SMS)
  • General Lines : 0719044799,0719044999,0730604000

Clearly, the Minet medical insurance scheme for teachers is quite amazing. It clearly shows that the team is committed to ensure that the members don’t just get a comprehensive healthcare plan, but an engaged and supportive insurance partner. As a Kenyan teacher, by registering with Minet you have more time to focus on you and your students while Minet handles your medical insurance. Now that’s a partner you can trust. Spread the word.


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5 Comments on "Are you on the TSC Payroll? Here is why you Need the Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme"

  1. Nicholas kimaita kithinji | December 11, 2018 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    As you post this story about minet,I am a teacher under TSC.My son was chocked while feeding and we rushed him to hospital(30th Oct) upon which he was diagnosed to have suffered a severe Aspiration Pneumonia.The doctors referred him to Kenyatta National Hospital. I consulted minet and they proposed that we should go to Aga Khan hosp, Nairobi. Since the arrival at Aga Khan , the boy(4 months) was admitted under intensive care. He showed a positive improvement and was taken out of ICU. He developed complications and he was taken back to ICU where underwent two surgeries to help him breath and feed (Tracheostomy and a feeding peg). So far they have been trying to wean him off the ventillatòr. The doctors have proposed that because they are not sure how long he would be supported by the ventillatòr, we should purchase one so that he can receive home care. The bill so far is 5M and a portable ventillatòr is worth 1.5M kshs.Minet paid 616000 kshs while NHIF paid 15000kshs and 4000kshs daily.The boy is still at ICU. How can Minet help us cover this large bill?

    • Hi Nicholas, we appreciate your feedback. As far as I know, insurance companies give a cover limit for a certain amount of money which is usually set even before you pay your bill, meaning your bill should be within that limit. Please allow me to get more information regarding your case from Minet then get back to you.

  2. Nicholas Kimaita Kithinji | December 13, 2018 at 1:26 pm | Reply

    Ok.I am waiting.

  3. You are doing a good Job, however sometimes we are made to wait for medicine even for a fortnight.

  4. Am really really really! frustrated with money insurance. I have had a severe back pain for 2 months after a applying all manner of first aid, I decided to go for MRI which showed a problem developing. The neurosurgeon prescribed an injection on the back drugs and bed rest. to my surprise minet declined to authorise my treatment and said that their insurance does not cover back pain and that I have not a history of back pain.I was Left there helpless the hospital not knowing what to do. They just gave me an accommodation coz it was too late I could not reach home
    and at same time am in great pain. so my guestion is when we were entering the contract with you did you tell us the parts of the body that you were going to cover? Teacher do not deserve that kind of treatment and it is my prayer if God heals me, am moving out of AON without any hesitation. your frustrated TEACHER

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