DOT Youth Unconference Addressing Inclusivity To be Held on 17th-19th October, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) will be hosting its third Youth Unconference on 17th-19th October, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. This year’s DOT Youth Unconference theme is Inclusivity: Bridging Gender and Social Barriers to Build Inclusive Communities and will bring together approximately 100 young social innovators from 13 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Indigenous Canada in a three-day event to develop networks, share lessons learned, and collaborate to increase the impact and sustainability of their initiatives.

Youth participants in the 2018 Unconference will be those who stood out during DOT Impactathons – short, intensive programs that introduce concepts of social innovation and enterprise, and support youth to develop ideas to address specific problems in their communities.

The Unconference will be an interactive, creative, free-flowing event with many experiential learning paths for youth participants. The event will be attended by partners and stakeholders from across the private, public and civil sectors to engage and invest in youth innovation and economic empowerment.

Objectives of DOT Unconference

The objectives of the DOT Unconference are to;

  • Youth showcase their social innovation/enterprise
  • Youth network with other social innovators; build capacity to launch and grow their idea; gain access to mentors and partnership opportunities.
  • Support youth to increase the sustainability and impact of their initiatives
  • Bring together youth to develop networks
  • Share lessons learned establishing their social enterprises based on their experiences

About DOT Unconference

The first DOT Unconference was held in Nairobi in May 2013 to create an opportunity for dialogue between youth and the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors.  During this inaugural unconference DOT aimed to change the traditional perceptions of what happens at a knowledge exchange while blending research, theory, practice and policy discourses leading to participatory knowledge creation as well as more research savvy organizations.

For its second Unconference, DOT brought together 100 young social innovators from across Africa, the Middle East, and Indigenous Canada for an inspiring and fun-filled three days to Kigali in May 2017. At the unconference youth had a chance to showcase their social enterprises and lead peer-learning sessions; they would then go on to create networks and share the challenges and successes they encounter while transforming their communities.

About Digital Opportunity Trust

DOT is a youth-led movement of daring social innovators who have the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities.

It supports youth to become innovators and leaders, and to create and apply digital solutions that have positive impact in their communities.

For more information about the conference and the work DOT is doing to change the lives of women and youth, please check out their website.


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