Motherhood; Where All Love Begins. Happy Mothers’ Day !

A poem dedicated to all mothers whose sacrifices cannot be ignored on this special day. To all the mothers, Happy Mothers’ Day

She gave you life
She held you close
Showed you right
She filled every need
And made your life complete

Through the heartache and pain
She gave you a shoulder to lean on
And an understanding heart
When you needed a friend

Her fingerprints
Can’t be wiped away
From the little marks of kindness that she leaves
She is the woman, the mother
Who would not relent her stern eyes
When you needed the lesson
Whose love you can’t repay
But you can try reciprocating
Whose smiles
Depicts the many miles
She’s trode for you.

When her spirit is down
She doesn’t frown
She is a queen.
She is Royal.
Beautiful and bountiful
She is a woman
She is a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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