Meet Her: Renalda Mwanyuma Empowering Women To Feel The Most Beautiful On Their Big Day

Are you feeling so much pressure to find that perfect wedding gown you’ve been dreaming of ? Worry no more because I bear good news this time round. I had the privilege of talking to one lady by the name Renalda Mwanyuma, who dresses up ladies on their big day. With all eyes on you, not to mention photos you’ll keep forever, of course you want to look perfect on your big day. I know how difficult and overwhelming it can get when you’re faced with the task of choosing a dress that is supposedly meant to make you the most beautiful person on that day.

Meet Renalda;

Who is Renalda?

Renalda is an ambitious young woman who is motivated by the desire to improve her life and the lives of others through the various activities and projects that she is involved in. Renalda wears many hats amongst them being a budding entrepreneur and a businesswoman, a consultant, a leader, a charity worker, a wife and a mother of one.

Tell us a little about your background and how you came to start Heritage Gowns

In 2013, I had just completed University and was busy looking for a job, which was very difficult to come by. I started exploring a number of entrepreneurial ventures that required minimum capital given my financial status then. After trying out a number of ventures then, some which failed and some which succeeded, I discovered my passion for weddings, deco and event planning. I went ahead and started researching on how to get into this business and narrowed down to one area of wedding gowns. That is how Heritage Gowns was born.

What does the company do?

At Heritage Gowns we sell and hire imported wedding gowns and accessories at pocket friendly rates. We also customize wedding gowns to fit a client’s specifics.

What would you consider as your most significant accomplishment so far?

The most significant accomplishment so far is having set up a bridal shop in the Nairobi CBD where clients can visit and fit their desired outfits. Previously we were an online shop which was challenging because clients had limited choice on the gowns we had and we had to make special arrangements for fitting, most of which didn’t work very well.

Have you experienced any challenges running this business as a woman? 

As with any business, the major challenge was obtaining capital to start and run the business. I also have to juggle between running the business and performing my duties as a mother and a wife, which can be challenging at times. Often times I’ve had to open the shop late or close early in order to attend to other family matters that demanded my attention. This has cost me valuable business sometimes.

What’s next for Heritage Gowns?

Heritage Gowns is now focused on growing our brand and improving our client base by providing a variety of choice in line with current fashion trends.

Any advice for Women who want to venture into this kind of business? 

This kind of business will require a lot of patience and understanding since you will deal with diverse clients with diverse needs, who mostly want perfection in the item you sell. So one has to be very accommodating of others and willing to go out of your way to make your clients happy and satisfied. A happy client will refer other clients to you, so client satisfaction is key.

How can interested customers contact you?

Clients can call or text our direct lines on 0728 505 480 or 0733 505 480. They can contact us through our social media platforms on Facebook at Heritage Gowns or Instagram at Heritage_wedding_gowns. They can also visit our shop on Gaborone road, off Luthuli Avenue, Kenya Textiles building, 1st floor, shop No. F6.


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3 Comments on "Meet Her: Renalda Mwanyuma Empowering Women To Feel The Most Beautiful On Their Big Day"

  1. Good stuff dear…

  2. I like the spirit in Renalda..empowering women and girls.I have bought a fabric and it was awesome,custom made.

  3. kabirithu Rhoda | March 3, 2018 at 10:25 am | Reply

    Great work Renalda.Inspiration to many.The fabrics are superb.I once bought an Ankara n it was custom made.

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