3 Tips On How To Be A Successful Female Entrepreneur In Kenya

As a nation, we are growing each and everyday and having female entrepreneurs emerge in our societies is something to be proud of. We are at a place in our country where people are moving from their comfort zones. In that, people are no longer dependent on getting employment after university or college but are creating their own jobs and being their own bosses. This is due to the fact that getting employment in Kenya has become so tough that it has become imperative to think outside the employment box..

The entrepreneurial scene in Kenya is growing each and everyday, with a lot of young and vibrant individuals trying to make it work with their different businesses. The environment has somehow been unfavorable for women entrepreneurs though there are some coming up despite the challenges. Here are 3 tips to encourage more females to get into the entrepreneurial scene and become successful at it.

The first one is possessing the ability to execute your ideas. This character is very important since without it you cannot become a successful female entrepreneur. You can have the best business idea but without execution skills your business is as good as dead. Females by nature are good at execution of duties therefore with this, they can be very successful in startups. A lot of successful female entrepreneurs always say that execution is key to having a great business. We have seen the most brilliant ideas run out of business due to poor execution. Some of the successful businesses we see today weren’t the original ideas of the individuals. This is to say that you don’t need an original idea to be successful, you just need to have great execution skills.

For instance, Safaricom didn’t come up with the mobile money transfer idea but it is now the most used money transfer system in Kenya. We can also see that google wasn’t the first search engine but it is doing exceptionally well in creating a great search engine system for its customers and is now very successful due to its execution. There are hundreds of people who may have the same idea as you but what will differentiate you from the rest and make you successful is your execution. If you can be able to take an idea from just an idea to a real stable business you will be able to go far in your business.

Then you have to believe in your business and genuinely care about it. People get into business for the wrong reasons. If you don’t care enough for a product or a service you are about to offer please don’t even start it. Without belief in the business,it cannot prosper even if you have capital and everything you need to start up the business. You cannot build a business that will last if it doesn’t mean more than money to you. After you get the money, what next? The passion and love for the business is what will make your business last and grow beyond measure. Running a start-up takes a lot of perseverance and it can wear you down. You have to be able to fight through every obstacle so as to make it successful and you can only be able to do that if you love the business and believe in it in such a way that no matter what happens you won’t give up on it. Women are known to be naturally passionate about almost everything except business. Those who make it in business are regarded very high in the society, but it’s because they possess the passion and will to do it despite the risks.

Lastly, you have to get over failures in life and business. Failures are always going to be there in this journey of life and how you face them is what is going to differentiate you from the rest. Great entrepreneurs know that failure is  part of the success and having strength to move past the challenges and actually learning from them is key. Tabitha Karanja is a female entrepreneur who has experienced a lot of failures but never gave up in her journey of making her beer company, Keroche breweries a success. Women are known to self-doubt themselves a lot because of fear of failure. “What if I fail” is the common phrase used but the point is ,it’s okay to fail, to cry, to regret. It’s just not okay to never try.



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