A Focus On Royal Community Learning Center

The Royal Community Learning Centre and School originated from the idea of two individuals from their tuition partnership. This thereafter culminated to a big idea of forming a CBO majoring in education, with regular Kenyan curriculum covering the 8.4.4 Syllabi at secondary level, an area they always had passion in. In an effort to empower students academically, reduce poverty levels and ensure that the school going age access the basic education, the two individual led by Mr. Maurice put up the center with the MDGs and Vision 2030 in mind; this ideology was also meant to create employment opportunity, as all of us know the plight of unemployment in this country.

The school offers secondary syllabus coverage and embraces the enrollment of young adults who still have the thirst for education, and due to one or two reason(s) never got the chance to sit their fourth form exams, many of whom have been identified among the environs. Royal Community Learning Center is expected to be a busy academic excellence centre with normal routine learning school days, and over the holidays, it will serve as a tuition centre for both the Royal students and those from other schools.

The school is aimed at improving the education of less privileged students in the establishing estate of Chokaa, In Ruai. The school targets the populace of the low-income earners of the informal settlement of Chokaa, as well as improving the literacy of the middle class population, whom for one reason or the other, never got the opportunity to go through secondary education, as already mentioned.

It is a sad realization that the majority of the students from this target area go far in search of affordable schools and most of them jump into moving-lorries ferrying sand as a means of transport. This equally endangers their lives. Coupled with the absence of proper secondary facilities to offer quality education in this competitive world, The Royal Community Learning Centre, School was born,  focused to bridge this gap and ensure the solutions to these challenges identified, are far reached.

From just four students to now 30, the school has been growing steadily with the help of donors and well wishers. They want to put up a library and science laboratory and calling on you for support.

To support Royal Community Learning Center, please get in touch with the founder Mr Maurice Odhiambo on odhisdicky@gmail.com.


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