Pitch Your Business To The LadyKillers

There are likely to be many occasions when you will need to win over people’s interest in your business idea – particularly when you want to sale your business idea to potential customers or when seeking for finances. You’ll find yourself as an entrepreneur pitching: to potential customers, partners, investors and every time you want to leave the wow effect.

Entrepreneurs now have a chance to get honest and brutal feedback about their business ideas; the models and strategy from an experienced panel of women entrepreneurs and women investors, The Ladykillers. This will be going down on Thursday 13th October at The Hub East Africa.

Entrepreneurs grow their businesses based on customer feedback.  Don’t miss the opportunity to share your vision to experienced vision shapers and test the viability of your idea.

There will be a pre-pitching workshop starting at 1pm open to everybody. If you are interested to join this pitching workshop or want to reserve one of the six slots to pitch, contact saadah@thehubeastafrica.com.

This week’s Ladykillers:

Arielle Molino:
Consultant at Intellecap
Organiser of Sankalp Africa Summit
Establishes the Intellecap Impact Investment Network (I3N) for Angel Investors in Africa

Liesbeth Bakker:
CEO & Founder The Hub East Africa
Consultant at Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)


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