Kenyan Women Entrepreneurs : Apply For The WECREATE Challenge Business Competition

WECREATE Center is glad to announce the application to the WECREATE Business Challenge for women entrepreneurs with any type of business idea. The Centre recently launched the WECREATE Challenge, a business competition and an acceleration program for women founders and co-founders.  WECREATE Kenya prides itself towards empowering women through economic development.

WECREATE | KENYA serves as an entrepreneurial community center for women interested in starting or expanding an existing business. The Center provides mentoring, business connections, specialized training, connections to the community, media attention, access to markets and capital along with the technical tools and resources necessary for taking any business to the next level.

Women entrepreneurs who compete learn how to turn their idea into a viable business, how to go to market quickly, build an effective team, modify their business model, understand what drives customers and revenue as well as win a cash price at the end of the challenge.

This is a one of a kind business competition and the first targeted towards women entrepreneurs in Nairobi.

To participate in the challenge, log onto their website and learn more about the Business Model competition;

Women entrepreneurs, individuals and teams, are invited to sign-up for the WECREATE Challenge by signing up online at:

Applications will be reviewed and applicants informed on the necessary steps to take.

Applications are currently open and running through to close at the 11th of July 2016.

Applicants shall be invited to a two day workshop and kickoff event on the 15th and 16th of July.

For women entrepreneurs who have gone through the Centre’s Build-A-Business workshop, engaged with the StartUp Academy process or who just want to take their business to the next level, do consider taking the next steps and participating in this one of a kind entrepreneurial program.


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