Dealeryn Saisi Wasike : The Miracle Baby

A toddler was rescued 80 hours later after a six storey building collapsed and killed more than twenty people in Huruma Estate in Nairobi. This young hero whose mother passed on shocked many. A hero in the/ making. This comes after another baby who was short in the head survived. Baby Osinya. They say God surely has a thing for children.

The six months heroine  Dealeryn Saisi Wasike was only dehydrated but no physical injuries. She was discovered wrapped in a blanket inside a bucket at around 4’00 a.m courtesy of the Kenya red Cross then later on taken to the city main hospital for treatment. The glad father couldn’t suppress his joy to the rescuerers as he thanked them for their patience, efforts and humane hearts.

96 people are said to be unaccounted for. Some may have fled away but others may be buried beneath the rubble.

The baby’s survival has given the residents new hope. The search and operation rescue mission will not be called off until it is determined that no person (s) is trapped under the building.

To the small heroine, who is receiving medication we wish her all the best and may she live to be a heroine. Bravo!


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