Rachael Shebesh: Women And Youth To Benefit From Sh3 Billion Kitty

The government through the counties is mandated to provide women and young people with access to resources, employment, and education to reduce inequality and to promote their full participation in their community. Research has shown that countries with greater gender equality experience more rapid economic growth, greater agricultural productivity, and improved food security.

Nairobi Woman Representative Rachael Shebesh has broken her silence and outlined her plans to boost the women Kitty and to support disability and youth projects in all 17 constituencies in Nairobi County.
Shebesh who is also known by her constituents as ‘Manzi wa Nairobi’ has launched her first affirmative Action Social development Fund (AASDF) plan aimed at improving infrastructure and social welfare of Nairobi women. Among the key projects include refurbishing and equipping therapy Units in each constituency to carter for special needs cases. She said already Tree side Special school has been identified to benefit from the funds.

Shebesh was addressing over 500 women at Chemichemi Church hall in Njiru, Kasarani and was flanked by Kasarani Members of County Assembly. She disclosed that Sh7 million women kitty which has been allocated per constituency by the National government will go into priority projects in the respective constituencies.

The woman representative, who launched a civic Education program in Kasarani Constituency, said her focus was to ensure the women in Kenya become part of the beneficiaries of Sh2 billion Women Enterprise Fund set aside by the National government. “We fought very hard to make sure the government allocates funds for the suffering women of this Country. We won the battle in Parliament to have this funds allocated to the women kitty. I am very optimistic some impact will be felt in the utilization of the funds through tangible projects,” Shebesh said.

Shebesh urged leaders to use the funds in a transparent manner. She assured residents that no single cent will be lost through shoddy deals. “We will track the utilisation of the funds and hold people accountable in every project undertaken by the kitty. We want our people to feel the impact of the fund,” Shebesh warned. She said civic education will be conducted in the constituencies to sensitize the public on the government projects and better use of the funds. Shebesh said the funds will also be used for civic education, bursary education targeting 100 needy cases in tertiary colleges and special schools.
She added that the Kitty will also support music and sports activities through identification of youth talents in the constituencies.

She said the funds will also carter for women empowerment programs especially launching of table banking in Kasarani ward and Maono Sacco.


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