Mr Nice joins African Women and Beyond (AFWAB) initiative

Being a woman makes a lot of things come naturally. Like being compassionate to people’s needs and aspirations. It also makes it easier to ensure peace reigns in a constituency, just like at home.

Where women are healthy and educated, not only their families, but entire nations flourish as we have seen with the “Asian Tigers”. Conversely, where women are not empowered the demographic dividend will not be realised.

There is need for more women to be empowered with education, health and economic sustainable ventures.

Mr Nice is the latest celebrity to join in the African Women and Beyond (AFWAB) initiative.
AFWAB is determined to support women in business by driving the collaboration and providing the platforms! African business opportunities and entrepreneurship can thrive on the wealth in human resources.

The Tanzanian singer who was admitted in hospital last year has lent his voice to the initiative through his song ‘Mama’.

The song talks about empowering the woman. It encourages husbands, fathers and children to believing in them, giving them a chance in leadership and businesses.

The Kidalipo singer was to set to release the song back in 2014. His song will be one of the theme songs for the AFWAB Amsha Mama Festival happening on March 5th in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

AFWAB, Amsha Mama Festival will be held on 25th to 27th March 2016 and it takes active part in changing the narrative of women in business in Africa.

Women will benefit from the festival by showcasing their products, creating synergies with other businesses, connecting with peers and mentors.


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